You Can Finally Glow Premium

That’s right. Premium’s been live in Glow Nurture and Glow Baby for a few weeks, it went live in the Eve by Glow app on Friday, and now it’s finally hitting the Glow app!


Get ready to know your Glow even better with premium insights, content, and community features. The annual premium subscription costs $3.99 per month (less than a latte!) and applies across all Glow company apps. And you can try the first month for free. So, why haven’t you checked it out yet? :)

Eve’s Sweet 1.6

The newest version of Eve just hit the stores, and it’s everything: tons of new buttons in the health & sex log, swank insights that interpret what’s up down there, and *Glow Premium*.

Dazzled? Figured. The new log will help you keep on top of many aspects of your health, and the new insights will spell out what’s happening with your bod. And you get all this for free because, yes, Eve loves you that much.


Eve users don’t shy away from the occasional “treat yo’self” moment (y’all log a lot of desserts and salty snacks!), so this release lets you indulge in powerhouse Glow Premium features. $3.99 per month unlocks the magic—addictive Fact or Fiction quizzes, nerdy cool comparative insights, and a dolled up Eve community with cover photos and private messaging. Chai lattes are great but Premium is yummier. Take a few bucks out of your caffeine budget, and voilà!


This all comes at a super exciting time for Glow the company (shoutout to the Evelings who never understood the “by Glow” part lolz). Glow now supports 4 million women tracking their health on our platform! You heard us right: We hit the big 4-000,000, and we’re jazzed. Thanks for being part of our wild ride.

Your Mom Achieved Sainthood Before Your First Birthday. Here’s Why.

Before you hit the 365 day mark, your mom…

Changed ~2856 diapers.


Clothed you as you grew ~7 inches.


Fed you ~112 gallons of milk.


Cared for you ~8 times when you were sick.


Carried you around as your weight tripled.


Cleaned the floor ~260 times.


Didn’t sleep while you screamed your head off.


Not to mention, dealing with you after your first birthday…


Thank you mom, and I’m sorry. If the universe was just, every day would be Mother’s Day.


UPDATE: Baby Scales for Preemie Families

In March, Glow decided to give away 70 baby scales to families with premature babies. Well, the scales have been sent and the pics are in. Check out these adorable Glow Babies on their scales!


These fighters look super healthy and happy on their scales, and we are so proud of them :)

Some more good news: We actually have ~20 baby scales left to give away to families with preemies! Help us find these families! All you have to do is fill out this form and we’ll send a scale your way. First come, first served—with preference for our youngest premature babes, of course.

We do all this because we love our Community so much! XOXO!

Next Level Parenting on Glow Baby Premium

Glow Baby’s already growing up. The app’s getting bigger and better thanks to Glow Baby Premium, a monthly subscription for A+ parents everywhere.

Anyone can try Premium for free for a month. After that, it will cost $3.99 monthly for a year-long subscription. Subscriptions apply across all Glow company apps! Oh baby!

Stay tuned for more sweet Premium news coming up ;)

CareKit is here!

Apple CareKit is live in the Glow Nurture and Glow Baby apps!


Recall that in March, Glow Nurture and Glow Baby were chosen as two of four launch partner apps for Apple CareKit. We were so thrilled, we ate apple pie. And less than a month later, both the Glow Nurture and Glow Baby apps are already leveraging CareKit’s amazing Connect module.

CareKit’s Connect module enables fast, easy sharing of health information among family members, medical professionals, and caregivers of all kinds. 

The Glow Nurture and Glow Baby apps now use smart notifications to indicate when health updates might be important enough to share with others. For example, if a Glow Baby user logs a high fever, she will receive a notification directing her to the Care Team page where she can easily alert doctors and other caregivers. For Glow Nurture, Care Team notifications will surface when a user indicates that she feels sick and when important prenatal appointments are coming up.

Our mission of empowering women with information about health continues to drive everything we do at Glow, including our CareKit integration. Better and easier sharing of information with all caretakers—doctors, nurses, partners, parents, babysitters—is yet another important way to take control of one’s health. And that’s what we’re all about.

Let’s Get Real About Rubbers

We’ve all heard a LOT about condoms—in middle school sex ed, in relationship gossip with friends, in discussions with our partners when things start heating up. But what’s fact and what’s fiction?  Here we break down the top six myths about the love glove, the rubber, the raincoat… the good ole condom.


Myth 1: Your Man Definitely Needs Magnum

According to a Glow Community poll of women whose partners wear condoms, 40% said that their partner wears magnum size. Let’s take a step back. Who needs magnum? Sorry boys, but not many of you. Smaller condoms are the best option for about of 35% men, and standard condoms are best for 50% of men. Let’s do the math. That leaves 15% of men who actually need the largest size. No need to size up ;)

Myth 2: The Thinner the Condom, the More Likely it Breaks

According to a Glow Community poll, 36% of women believe that thinner condoms are more likely to break. But they’re not! All condoms sold in stores are rigorously tested for quality and held to the same quality standards. Rest assured, thin condoms, used correctly,  aren’t any more likely to break than thicker ones.


Myth 3: Lube Isn’t For Everyone

If you think that lube is only for people who aren’t aroused or don’t like sex, you are sorely mistaken. Sore because you should totally be using lube! A good lubricant during sex has so many benefits. Lube protects our most delicate membranes by reducing friction, and it can minimize condom breakage, especially during anal sex. Moreover, lube can cut down on infections like HIV and other STIs, and petrochemical-free lube (like the kind Sustain makes) can minimize the risk of bacterial vaginosis, which happens when the normal balance of good bacteria is disrupted. Oh yeah—and it just feels good. Go lube!

Myth 4: Two Condoms > One Condom

The more, the merrier is just not a thing when it comes to condoms. Two condoms can create more friction, which increases the chances the condom(s) will break. If you want to be super safe, consider doubling up with a condom and another effective birth control method!

Myth 5: It’s Fine To Use Any Lubricant With Condoms

Nope! Turns out that mineral oil, a super common ingredient in hand lotions, causes ~90% decrease in the strength of condoms. Which means that your condom will break faster…which is not good. All condom brands work to get the word out on this one (case and point, check out this FAQ from Sustain), but the myth persists. If you want to use lube or lotion while also using a condom, make sure you use something that was made to be used with the condom. You can also buy condoms with lube on them, which keeps things easy.

Myth 6: Condoms Are Only for PIV (Penis-in-Vagina) Sex

STDs don’t discriminate—unprotected heavy petting, anal, and oral sex won’t likely get anyone pregnant, but they can all transmit STDs/STIs. If a penis is involved in your relationship in any way, even if you’re not having vaginal sex, condoms are your best friend for steering clear of STDs. If your sex sessions are entirely penis-free, then you can rely on female condoms and dental dams for protection.

This blog post was a collaboration between Sustain Natural and Glow, Inc.

Sick Baby? Advice from Dr. Ari Brown


Glow’s amazing medical advisor Dr. Ari Brown, reveals 7 top things parents should know when caring for a sick baby in this Medium article.

Your baby will get sick. It’s just a reality. On average, a child gets 8 viral infections a year, each lasting 7–10 days. That’s 80 days of illness total! And 80+ days and nights of worrying for the poor parents. 

Read Dr. Brown’s advice, track your baby’s health on Glow Baby, and worry less!

Next Level Pregnancy on Glow Nurture Premium

We’ve taken Glow Nurture up a notch (a few notches!). Say hello to Glow Nurture Premium, a monthly subscription for those who want to get an A+ in pregnancy.

Nurture Premium costs $7.99 month-to-month, or $3.99 monthly for a year-long subscription  We’ll be launching Premium in the Glow, Eve by Glow, and Glow Baby apps soon, and your Premium subscription will apply across all Glow company apps! Hooray! Stay tuned for more Premium news coming up ;)