Prenatal Vitamins


What: Prenatal vitamins are vitamin and mineral supplements intended to be taken both during and before pregnancy.

Why: Look, even if you regularly paint your plate with fruits, veggies, and proteins that would put Martha Stewart’s fall line to shame, you still need prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins provide two super-important nutrients, folic acid and iron, which are near impossible to obtain in adequate supply from food alone. What’s more, your baby will need these nutrients to grow strong and healthy; the extra nutrition will help prevent birth defects.

Where: Purchase prenatal vitamins online, at a pharmacy, or at a health food store. They come in all sorts of varieties. Some claim that the gummy vitamins are easier on the stomach. Regardless, decide what type makes the most sense in consultation with a doctor or OB-GYN. Some doctors will even give prescriptions for prenatal vitamins, which can end up being cheaper than an OTC version would have been.

Who: Every woman who is trying to conceive, is currently pregnant, or is postpartum should be taking a vitamin daily. Vitamins are especially important  for vegetarians and vegans, and for women with other health or dietary constraints that prevent them from eating a wide variety of foods.

When: Take prenatal vitamins everyday. We mean it! Taking these pills every single day is of the utmost importance for keeping you and your baby healthy. According to a recent Glow poll taken by over 255,000  prospective Glow mamas, 7% of women do not take prenatal vitamins. Another 18% forget to do so occasionally. This is not good!

If you are part of this forgetful minority, know that Glow can help. The Glow app lets you set daily vitamin reminders, and can even set you up with community groups that will support you in your efforts to establish a regular regimen and find brands that do not make you queasy. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, taking prenatal vitamins is crucial. No more excuses!