Your fertility nurse, your best friend


While finding the right doctor and clinic is key to your reproductive journey, your infertility nurse might just be your closest professional companion.

Your nurse is someone who will be at your side throughout the entire fertility treatment process. She or he may often be a more accessible contact to answer your questions and talk you through next steps.

What can you expect from your infertility nurse?

Provide helpful expertise to guide you through the process

Infertility nurses often have more time to walk you through your treatments and, in addition to your doctor, will serve as a resource for you throughout the entire experience. She or he will be present to explain your procedures and answer your questions.

Assist in scheduling appointments and testing

Your infertility nurse will help you figure out timing around your menstrual cycle and help keep your calendar organized as you navigate the many appointments and tests that come with infertility treatment.

Teach you how to use your medicine

For many people, this is their first experience giving themselves injections, and the process can be intimidating. Your infertility nurse will introduce you to these various medicines and advise on how to regularly give yourself these medications at home.

Inform you about your test results

Your infertility nurse may be the individual who contacts you with updates about your test and procedure results and explains next steps based on your outcomes.

Assist with your procedures

Your infertility nurse will likely be present in the exam room, assisting with ultrasounds, semen and medication preparation, and with insemination procedures. 

Overall, your infertility nurse adds to your team, giving you one more valuable resource and perspective as you work through this process.

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