Optimizing sperm


Sperm is important too!

For some reason, many people believe fertility to be a woman’s issue. But nothing could be further from the truth! Up to 40% of fertility issues arise from the male partner. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, make sure to keep in mind the fertility tips found in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) Guide to Optimizing Male Fertility.

For those of you who didn’t click through to the ASRM guide (we see you!), here are the highlights:

  • Heat affects sperm. As in, no more hot-tubs, no more sitting around for long periods of time with a laptop on his lap.

  • Weight affects sperm. Obesity has been clearly linked to impaired sperm production. Overweight men might be able to improve their sperm count and mobility by achieving their ideal BMI.

  • Smoking affects sperm. Men who are trying to conceive should consider stopping smoking immediately. Also, recreational drugs, including anabolic steroids and marijuana, are associated with impaired sperm function. According to the ASRM, they too should not be used during this time.

  • Medication affects sperm. According to the ASRM,  certain type of medication, as well as any disease that triggers high fevers, can impair the body’s ability to make sperm. You and your partner should run all the medication you are taking by a doctor before you set out on a journey to conceive.

And don’t forget, any changes in a man’s lifestyle will take almost three months to show an improvement in sperm.

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