Semen analysis
WHAT: A semen analysis is a test that tells your doctor the number of sperm in your semen, whether they are normal, and how well they move.
WHY: A low sperm count may be caused by certain medications or a medical problem such as a blocked duct, low testosterone level, or a condition in which sperm back up into the bladder. Fever can also reduce sperm count. Some men may have enough sperm, but their sperm may not swim well enough to reach the egg. Also, sperm that are not normal in shape may not be able to penetrate and fertilize the egg. Your doctor can treat many of these problems.
HOW: Your doctor will want a semen sample. The sample is collected by masturbation at your doctor’s office in a private, comfortable room. Another option is to collect the semen at home by masturbation or during intercourse in a special condom that you can get from your doctor. You must deliver your sample to the doctor’s office within 45 to 60 minutes after collecting it.