Feeling lonely

Claudia • Mummy to William James 8th March 2015
I am 21 + 5 weeks pregnant at the moment and I haven't had an easy pregnacy this is my first baby.
My husband is amazing hit he owns his own business and works away a lot and even when he is home he works late and long hours. 
I have been feeling really lonely, I am currently living in Australia but all my family is still in England. So it is not like I can just pop round the corner to see my mum. It is a good 26 hour flight which I can't really do. 
My husbands parents are good to him but my MIL seems to "forget" I am pregnant. This is her second grandchild as my husbands sister already has a little girl. 
We found out that we are having a boy and I was so relived because now our baby cannot be compared to our niece. 
I just feel so lonely. I feel like I can't say how I really feel because I don't really have anyone to talk to :(