Confused of my ovulation day!

Nashavia • 26 |Cali🌴| Scarlett👶🏼| Married❣️
So I have clearblue digital ovulation tests so I started taking them on 3/22/16 and I had got a low fertility then the next morning I received a PEAK which is weird I never ovulated that early which was CD11 . I dtd anyway I had lil bit of eggwhite and the cramps I get. So the 3/25/16 I took another just to be sure and low fertility and this morning it was another PEAK but this time on the actual test stick itself the test line was more darker then the control line which is positive . My first peak I got on the test stick looked negative could barley see the test line. So what peak should I go by? I'm just confused lol ... What's your opinion?