People sickness aka Annoyed

Zari • 3rd time mommy! Currently raising 3 boys which includes my husband Cody , my son Ryker and my son Renly! Daughter due January 2021!

Okay so my sister in laws, fiancée's parents have no respect for anyone. I feel 100% uncomfortable even going to her house. My fiancée's currently sitting in prison and was placed there 1 week after we found out I was pregnant, so this pregnancy has already been stressful for me, he gets out June 9th (yaaaahhhhh) in the past 3 days I have been hang out with her a little bit just to keep me occupied. Three days ago her fiancée's dad accused me of my child being my BIL or my FIL's kid. Thinking its hilarious and I don't have enough shit to worry about. Then today I walk into her house and again her fiancée's dad opens his mouth, this time apparently I have been sleeping with my ex's. My fiancée and I have been together for 6 years we are high school sweethearts. How would I go about not freaking out. Because twice now I have opened my mouth and it wasn't pretty. And IDK how much I can handle the comments without literally flipping out and punching him right square in the face. On top of having awful morning sickness I have people pissing me off sickness. What can I do to actually enjoy going to my SIL house.

FYI his parents are alcoholics and are always just walking in their house uninvited. So I can't just say oh I'll come over when they aren't there because they are always there unannounced and uninvited.

Thank you in advance