Announcement ruined):

Haylee • Mama to a sweet little boy and a little girl due in Oct🌷
My SO and I barely told my mom and family this morning about us expecting. We had told two of our friends. One of our friends went to a baby shower where a big group of our friends were and took it upon herself to announce to everybody that we are going to have a baby): she didn't ask us if this was okay or anything. Well my SO is angry because he wanted to tell his friends and family on his own and now we are rushed into it since she told a huge group of our friends. I'm so hurt and mad. The only thing I wanted was to be able to announce our baby the way we wanted to and of course tell all the family before all the friends knew. She said she was sorry and felt bad but I honestly don't know why she thought it was okay in the first place. She knew we wanted to wait to say anything to anyone. :(