Am I out of line?

Ok so my boyfriend and I have lived together for a little over 6 months now. Well, a month or so ago he became friends with someone he went to school with years ago, this friend being a girl. Almost everyday she was texting, basically asking for attention and I believe pity, from MY boyfriend. After a little while I started to get aggravated and started mentioning to him that I believe that she could be interested in him but he said no, that they where never like that and have just been friends, that he never thought of her like that. Well, come to find out he stopped at her house once on the way home from work and helped her with a car once. I have never met this girl and every time she would text while he was sleeping I would respond and there would be no response. So eventually after he kept deleting messages and call logs and telling me he hadn't heard from her, she popped up again. I told him that I am not comfortable with them talking and let him know that I would be sending her a message telling her to leave him alone. I have stopped talking to almost all of my guy friends bc he thinks I've slept with them and when I asked for him to do it this once, he got irritated. After I sent the message, instead of responding, she sent the message to him and called him. I sent it after he said he talked to her and told her. Now he says that he will be mad that he had to lose a friend but he will get over it because our relationship is more important. What I can't but wonder is am I wrong for wanting her to leave him alone? It's really eating at me. Should I try to meet this girl and see what kind of vibe I get from her or just leave it alone?