Signs symptoms and a brain to overthink it

Bethany • 31 years of age, very opinionated but thoughtful
Well I too have had descrepencies between my fertility dates on glow and through webmd. So naturally the more I thought about this, the more I felt compelled to read. The more I read, the more questions I have. This is a vicious perpetual cycle. 
Thursday I was at my so's house because we currently live separate from each other. His cats who usually won't come in the same room as me were all at my feet, typically I don't care that his cats won't come near me I am not a cat person. Could this be a telltale? Nah it's too early, Ive fallen victim to self suggestive diagnosis. 
But then his dog which usually jumps in my lap and snuggles for a movie snuggled on my side not directly on my lap like normal. I went to pick her up to let her know it was okay to snuggle on my lap and she scooted up to my upper torso past my breast and rib before settling back on the couch next to me. This is not normal also but whatever she still cuddled. Ain't no way a dog will zone in on changes less than 48 hours later. Argghhh now I have a migraine. 
Then today which isn't much longer (4 days after BD) I have a brief moment of lower abdominal cramping, so brief I placed my warmed hand over the area where cramping which made them go away. Okay so that could be mid cycle cramping. No explanation available. 
Also my dog who usually will walk across my lap as if it were her property would literally jump over my body making sure to clear it completely before landing on the other surface. Since it's only 4 days after my last BD and 3 dpo, it seems too early to be experiencing anything yet. 
My bosses male dog is stuck to me worse than Velcro and barks growls and paws at anyone coming close by. Perhaps my cold has it all in my head