Little trip to L&D...

Sitting down to dinner with my family and realized I hadn't felt little girl all day which is VERY unusual. I tried all of my usual antics to get her to move with no success. I told my husband we needed to go and we headed to the hospital. Baby girl started moving once we were in the car (likely my husbands speeding and crazy driving... I think I freaked
Him out). He made me go in to L&D anyways just to be sure. Baby girl was just fine and has been moving ever since. Funny thing was that I had pretty consistent contractions while being hooked up to the monitor for 25 minutes but wasn't feeling a thing! I started noticing them on our way home but they are so mild it's hard to time (I notice them when they peak). Hoping this is a good sign since we see at 40w34d now. Anyone else have mild contractions that they confused for movement?