How I'm telling DH

JS • Mom to a healthy toddler, baby boy #2 will be here 11/30/16!
So I'm too excited not to tell anyone! But got our bfp today (okay 6) and so I wanted to tell my husband tomorrow at Easter dinner at his parents. We have a 3 year old so I thought how cute would it be to hide a poem in one of the eggs and then have my husband help my son read it in front of everyone. Here's what I wrote: 
I once was just one. and then I found you…Then "I" became "we" and we became two. Nine months of waiting our "we" became three. Such a great family were you, me and he.  Now He's getting tall and we wanted one more. So guess what? Our three will soon be four.
Pink or blue. Either will do.  Because in December, a new baby is due.
I'm sooo excited for tomorrow.