No visitors under 14 :-(

So as my due date approaches, the more sad I get that my 2 year old son will not be able to come to the hospital and see his baby sister due to hospital restrictions because of flu season. I have cried many times over this, silly I know but I'll blame the hormones! Although I talk to him about the baby a lot and tell him she is going to be sleeping at our house etc. I still feel like he is going to resent me for being away from him for at least 2 days and then when I do get to see him, we will be walking in with a new baby and his life will forever change. Anyone who has had kids go through this or anyone have advice on how to make things easier for him? I got him a present from his sister but wondering if there's anything else to help with the transition or to just help me deal with the emotional piece of this! 😢