I need advice

So las night me and my husband got into what I would call the worst fight of our relationship. We both went entirely too far with the name calling and low blows and even got physical on both ends. This all started over him hiding something from me for three weeks and finally telling me yesterday and I as if he was trying to justify it because he did fess up three weeks later. We have always been 100 percent honest in our relationship and hide nothing from each other so I felt completely betrayed and questioned his trust. My question is can we come back from this? Should I even try to fix it? I love this man so much but his drinking sometimes turn him into someone I don't know. Today, the next day I apologized and so did he but I am left feeling like I was the cause of this. We were both at fault n I don't think it's fair he gets to play mad and I have to sit here feeling guilty. Please I need a friend.