Bump vs bloat

Michelle • Mommy, wife, photographer. Baby #2 due October '16

Okay, I guess it's been so long since I've had a baby bump, and this pregnancy is already so different from my first child that I literally just can't tell. I'm only 10 weeks, so my brain says I am just bloated... but I wake up with this thing. Of course, I'm constantly constipated too, so there's that 😒 But my best friend swears I'm showing, my mother says I'm showing, and my family could tell today at our Easter lunch/dinner. At this point, I just can't tell, lol. I didn't show until about 16 weeks with my first. Other than waking up with a bump, how do you really know it's baby and not bloat?

Excuse my husband and son in the photo. They wanted to take a "bumpie" too 😂