Nikki & Brittany & Anyone Else Wanting A Cycle Buddy ?

Brittany • 27. Finally got my BFP after 11 cycles of TTC by using the SMEP, Preseed, and a whole lot of prayers!!
Hey Nikki! This is where we can meet and talk about everything going on. I'm so excited to be able to share my concerns, frustrations, and excitement with you and anyone else who might want to join us. I've been anxiously waiting until I could finally say I have a cycle buddy. This will be great!! 
​Just a reminder.. I'm 26. I've been married since October 2013 to my college sweetheart. I am new to TTC as this is my my frist month I won't start a new BC pack after my AF ends. Exciting but weird at the same time because I've been on BC since I was 16. 
​Tell me some info about you!!