Ashley • TTC #2 since September `14
This is my 2nd cycle TTC now, but I am not positive on my ovulation days yet.  I just starting keeping track of things when I had my Mirena removed in Sept.  Which of course threw off my cycles somewhat... So according to when I was supposed to ovulate last month, I think I did 4-5 days later because I had left side pains that were only present one day. Then AF was 4 days "late" according to my previous regular cycles with Mirena still in.  But it was also very light, and only 3-4 days. I did test after AF didn't show the day I expected, BFN... Didn't test again.  Now according to Glow this cycle, I should ovulate tomorrow... But I've been overall period crampy for the past 2 solid days. Not on one side, like light period cramps that seem to be a little worse when I need to pee. Is this normal??