Me and this guy have been talking for about a month, he's in the year above me at school but I hardly see him around! On Sunday he came over to my house, and it all got intense pretty quickly! I only turned 16 the other month and to be honest I'm not one to rush into things. 
I had to stop him from putting his hands down my pants 4 times, and I'm covered in hickeys! 
But that's not the point, he told me he liked me so I said back I liked him as well, but honestly I don't know how I feel some of the things he was doing were weirding me out and he was definitely rushing into things and I don't want to be dealing with that right now, how do I tell him all of this without him getting him really angry or upset at me because in a way I still want there to be something there in the future just bad timing for me right now as I have a lot going on. 
Or do I give him another chance and see where things go, I need your guys advice as to you think is my best option because at the moment I'm really confused. 
Thanks :)