Ladies 💁🏼❤️

Hannah • Mommy to a Princess 10-1-15 👸🏽& Prince 8-7-19 🤴🏾 ♥️🥰👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
I just want to say that I appreciate each & every one of you ladies on here that responds to topics in an appropriate manner. There are some people on here that are very mean to others & it's nice to go through & see the majority of ladies being so down to earth & helpful. I've noticed a lot of young females on here that are looking for advice & a lot of WOMEN that are responding to these young ladies as if they are 'stupid', which they are not! I remember being 15 (losing my V Card at that age) & being lost in high school with not a lot of 'friends' to talk to because I wasn't comfortable. Please before you go into a topic with the know it all attitude, remember yourself at those ages & how stressful & confusing they were. Love you ladies ❤️ <a href="">Eve</a> family is strong 😍💪🏼 Keep empowering & giving positive vibes 💕✌🏽️