Self esteem issues

Kelsey • 21 years old and single
So all my life I've delt with self esteem issue. Always feeling ugly, hated looking at myself in the mirror and just never felt beautiful. No matter what I've tried, to overcome this, I can't seem to do it. Today at work, I got told I looked like a boy. And that's completely set me over the edge. Maybe I'm emotional because I start in 4 days BUT I just couldn't stop crying. On top of that, my boyfriend of 2 years rarely ever compliments me in any sort of fashion. And it's not like I'm dying for a compliment but I honestly can't remember the last time I even got a "you look good babe". To him it's not a big deal. But it just makes me feel worse. He tells me I'm wearing my feelings on my shoulder. But he doesn't understand how I feel, even though I've tried explaining. And today he was joking with me and commented on a girl that works at a restaurant we just visited saying stuff like " I think she dropped those menus in front of me on purpose". We joke about this stuff all the time but usually about people we know we would never be interested in, I know that sounds awful and I apologize but everyone has their own taste, but this wasn't so. Maybe I'm being emotional.I just want to feel better about myself overall and idk how to fix this issue within. HELP PLEASE. And sorry about the novel