Low amniotic fluid

Zoe β€’ Preemie Mum πŸ’• Little Maya Born 23/12/14 - Due 28/01/15πŸ‘Š 5lb 7oz πŸ‘Šβœ¨25 Day NICU✨
Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? Went for my private 3d scan by a great man who is also a doctor and he was very concerned and is calling the hospital in the morning. He said I also need to call them and ring my midwife too and that I need to be admitted to hospital since I've been in for leaking before but they said it was all fine, It's still been happening but I've ignored it and put it down to peeing myself since they told me it was fine at the hospital and not to worry about it... I'm worried sick.Β