Utrogestan while TTC


Hello :)

We have been TTC for five months now while using OPK and SMEP to help things along. :)

During this time I have noticed my lutheal phase is somewhat short (9 to 12 days max) so decided to see a fertility specialist as this could interfere with implantation as I heard.

I also have mild endo which is not so bad and is not urgent to operate so the doc suggested it's better to just TTC at this time.

But for my short lutheal phase she prescribed Utrogestan 100 mg, vaginaly, twice a day to start two days after positive OPK (and lots of BD) and see what happens. The plan is it sticks this time :)

Anyone else at the same boat? Any experiences with this therapy?

I would love to hear some success stories to get me through my TWW :)