Is 19 years old too young for a planned pregnancy?

Matti • Muma of Eli Edward. 5.29.15

Because my insurance stuff wasn't complete at the time, I went to a clinic that does free medical grade pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. While there I was asked just general questions by a social worker and nurse. The social worker told me all questions were based for people 15-55 so some might sound funny for me. Then at one point she told me "this may be a silly question for you only being 19 but was it planned?" And she basically acted like I was crazy when I said yes. It felt very rude and made me pretty uncomfortable.

I planned this pregnancy because I always worried I'd have a hard time getting pregnant due to the fact my mother had a very difficult time having both my younger sister and I. Very shortly after my sister was born they dicovered many cysts on one of her ovaries and the whole ovary was removed. And less than two years later she had to have a full hysterectomy. So when cysts starting showing up for me it was kind of scary. I know its not uncommon for women to get them occationally, but after what happened with my mother it scared me.

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