Vitex gave me my period back!

Clarissa • .
Long story short, was off and on depo for 18 or so months. Got a total of 6 shots. Got my last one January 17th of this year and never went back. Finally got my period August 15th 2014. It lasted 17 days. Then after that...nothing...started taking Vitex October 12th after almost 6 weeks since the last day of my last period and got spotting for the past two days and this morning af came. :) so I'm hoping it'll be the normal 6/7 days and then I'll ovulate after and either conceive or get another normal period and be regulated. Pray for me ladies! Oh and if anyone's wondering how much I took and how...I took 1200 mg a day along with 900 mg of red rasberry leaf tea pills (I just followed the directions on the bottle) and im taking it every day of my cycle, no stopping unless I get a bfp, then I plan to wing myself off. These pills did give me boob pain...soreness...nipples burnt a little for a day or two...mild cramping/ovary pain...pms type symptoms but nothing major and I haven't had any af cramps. Which I normally have a lot and bad before my period so its helped with that too! Sorry for the novel. Just wanted to update/inform. :)