It's official! Had miscarriage!

Yasemin • Married to wonderful hubby! Have two gorgeous girls 16 and 9. Trying for number 3.
So all my symptoms started the 21 of October. I passed this bag of tissue filled with blood this past Sunday my heart dropped because I still had hopes. I went in today and my MD couldn't see the sac or the baby. She didn't give me any meds because I have bleeding and I already expelled the fetus. I had been trying for almost a year and it ended in a miscarriage. I had built up so many hopes of meeting my baby and holding him or her in my arms but now my arms will be empty. I'm devasted that it will never happen again. To all the ladies that have been through this I'm so sorry! Now I know how empty of a feeling this is. Good luck to all you pregnant mommies and those who are TTC!