My body is doing some weird things!

So lately every morning its been kinda difficult on what to wear because of this. I been waking up to a bloated stomach when the last time i ate was last night. Yeah i did have unprotected January and and February. I tested last month but it was like 2 weeks early before i got my period. It looked negative to me and most people but 2 women said they could see something. I did got my period February and last month. February was spotting and short and last month came late and it was 5 days light and spotting both with no cramps which normally i get them and feel like I'm about to die. Although i got my period my symptoms are not gone. I'm still feeling fatigue and nauseous February and March i would throw up everything i ate and now so far i just been nauseous no vomiting which is good. My appetite last month was crazy i would eat every hour now i wake up and not hungry at all. My acne has got awful and now I'm noticing that my veins on my breasts are showing more which my period ended last week. I don't know if i should test because i did bleed last week. And i have a test left but it's digital and i know it needs lots of hcgs to show positive. My periods are what stopping be from testing. Although they haven't been normal after having sex with my new partner.

(Sorry the pics always show like this when i post)