Very bad Monday vent

Soooo we are mid renovation. It was meant to be done this week but the builder is a bit behind (it was a 4-5 weeks build). No big deal I figured a week isn't so bad. Turns out he is actually 4-5 weeks behind which means he is going to be done riiiight before baby shower AND I can't set up nursery until build is done because there is no space to store all the stuff from the basement so it's in the only space we have (soon to be nursery).
Not going to lie, I cried. I had some contractions last week and I'm so scared this is going to end badly. Hubs away for work in Mexico and baby hasn't been loving so much today I'm hoping it's just because of stress.
I'm so tired of living in dust and boxes. 
Ok vent over. Thanks ladies.