Both of us stressed

TTC 8 months intensely... Truck we just bought for 12,000 rear end seized up after three days over a month from buying it... We deal w a lot of issues caring for his elderly mom until last yr... We've been together seven years. He has no children I have a thirteen yr old. This month ... This last week being green ovulation week has been extremely stressful... We fought first few days and then again last night... It always gets resolved but sometimes the path is bumpy... I know in my heart he's stressed about ttc also... Hoping next month to relax a bit... Hopefully we get his numbers n motility improved and can final conceive after seven years. I need to relax... N help him relax during green week... Just life's sticking it to us... No lube or reach around... N we are running out of time being he's 37, I'm 36