Anxiety, hormones and insomnia oh my!

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So hormones, anxiety and sleep are not my friend right now. Last night was a doozy, i finally took a benadryl (yes doc has suggested this) and had my first nightmare 1 of our dogs died woke up calmed myseld and went back to sleep this nightmare the other fur baby died woke up almost crying checked on both dogs all is good tails wagging a lil confused but yeah. (They sleep in beds beside our own) Went back to sleep and woke to my 14yr old cat limp at my feet.....i panicked, picked him up and started shaking the cat crying wakeup! My husband jerks awake at this point and goes..."thats shaking baby syndrome don't shake the cat!!!!"......... mean while our kitty comes awake with a confused meow and is just hanging in my hands like why???? (He really is a good tolerant cat) I cry holding the cat to my baby bump just anxious my husband finally calms me dosn convinces me to let my cat go he wonders back down to his spot on the bed and curls up i finally go to sleep this time NO dreams or nightmares.

This has been a doozy of a pregnancy. Anyone else had crazy nights like this?