I've Decided

I have recently decided that I am keeping an empty notebook with me at all times. It's important for me to write down positive thoughts or any feelings, when thinking about TTC.
 I have been really stressed and depressed...I can't keep doing that or I will keep my body out of balance! 
Anyone else willing to go on this journey with me?! 
Here is how I am doing this: 
I bought a journal that looks nice. Don't go with a journal you feel like you can use for scrap paper . 
Carry the journal with you at all times. 
Fill it with quotes, inspirations, poems (you or someone else authored)... 
Every time you feel confident about TTC write yourself a note. 
Every time you feel sad, or have a disappointment, write your future child a letter... 
When feeling anger- try to use self statements of "I feel". 
Use the date on these pages. 
It's time we let ourselves be women, and continue with our daily lives! 
I hope this helps you, as it is me, to relax about TTC and stay emotionally healthy!