Trouble exercising??

Toren • A cultural anthropology student. Barista nerd. First time mom to a human. Mother of two fur kids.

Hello. Im 11 weeks with a due date of october 25th, and I never imagined that in the first trimester I would gain so much weight. I went through a really rough period with nausea and fatigue, which i still have mildly, but the sickness led me to eat unhealthy foods, thus gaining about 5 lbs more than reccomended.

Im used to being active and fit, but havent in a long while. Before I was pregnant I wanted to get back into shape. Thats been busted by pregnancy.

But I dont want this to get out of control. I just have not found the strength to get back into the gym. They suggest exercise is a great thing for pregnant women, but why am I struggling to get myself to do it? Im just so tired all the time! And I feel fat, which lessens my confidence.

Any thoughts?