In-Laws? Complicated

Kelsey • Mommy to precious daughter Chloe, born at 23 weeks gestation 💞👶🏻
Hi ladies, I sure could use some fresh perspective. Sorry in advance that this is long and complicated! So right now I am currently separated from my husband because he has been verbally abusive and physically threatening toward me since the premature birth of our daughter last April. We are in counseling and I don't know at all what our future looks like. Some days seem hopeful and others seem like no change has happened at all. I don't plan to go back unless my counselor thinks it's safe. But I do still hope that one day things will be fixed and I can return to our home together someday. That being said, my husband's brother is getting married this weekend and I'm invited to the wedding. That whole side of the family doesn't understand my issues with my husband at all and they think I need to suck it up and come home "where I belong." So they're pretty ticked at me I guess. It's awkward. Anyway, I want to have a good relationship with the family so when/if my husband and I reconcile there won't be bad blood between me and his family. But I just don't know what my role/responsibility should be during this wedding week. Ordinarily I would volunteer my time to help with wedding prep in any way I could. But I feel weird offering in our current situation. But I don't want to come across as unhelpful or standoffish when that's one of his complaints against me that he tells his family. What should I do?