Any help is appreciated...sorry it's VERY LONG!!

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Ok so I've been having this gut feeling for the better part of almost three months now. I think my husband is hiding something from me.

He played a "trick" on me to see if I was cheating on him by suggesting we have a coworker move in and maybe he could get some from her (yes, by "some" I mean sex). My stupid ass said yes, thought it would be worth it.(please don't judge)

Anyway, he comes home later that week and confesses how he tricked me and how he thought I was cheating on him. He's always said, in the beginning of our relationship, that if you're willing to accuse someone of something then you're doing it too. (He accused me, I didn't have any worries before all this went down)

Well, about three weeks later, he calls me up from work saying that this individual needs a place to stay for two weeks ( the same girl we were talking about earlier), so I say whatever.

I make the mistake of telling a girlfriend how "if anything comes up missing, I won't be responsible." Well, he got word of it and a week later this chick "goes to her brother's." Later found out she was somewhere else, but that's not what bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that she had MY vehicle, and had said she'd only be gone for the day. Well, she texted my husband asking him if she could stay the weekend.

Neither of them told me, so I started getting frustrated and worried. Cause I mean, damn, I'm home all day, but I had things I needed to do too. And what if my daughter had a seizure at school? Or her fever spiked out of no where?? It happened just a month before all of this.

Don't worry I finally got my vehicle back, only after I threatened my husband I would call the cops on her.

But now, she's not in the picture (though a good part of her stuff still occupies my house/yard), but his dad came in town for the week. Now I know he'd been planing this "hunting trip" for awhile, but it was supposed to be out-of-state.

Well, apparently, his dad's (now) ex divorced him and remarried her ex. All behind his back; he's an over-the-road truck driver, so she was able to pull it off. And with him being single, my husband wants to "hook" him up with a different one of his employees. Now take into consideration:

1. I don't know much about any of his (husband's) employees, other then the fact that he's facebook friends with most of the females and only four of the males (and)

2. I can see what is posted on his page, who comments, and what they "tag" him in...

And with that said, I don't like the chick he's trying to hook his dad up with.

Since all this has happened, I feel like we are no longer close. We don't talk, I don't know what is happening from one day to another, and our sex life...yeah, more like what sex life!!!

I don't know if I'm just reading way to far between the lines, or if my gut is right. I'm so confused about what I did (or didn't do) for him not to trust me.

And yes, I have tried to talk to him about all of it...but either I don't know how to do it currectly, or he's just not wanting to hear me, but every conversation we've had for the last three months always ends up in the same place. Him talking about how stressed he is at work. Yes I understand his work is stressful, but I believe he's putting himself in that situation. He gets WAY to invested in what is happening in his (female) employees' lives.

So I guess what I'm really asking is...what should I do? And maybe even...what would YOU do?

Sorry this is so long...