Somethings not right..

Im 28, 5,3ft, 132lb, housewife no children, lightly active. i feel like there's some problem with my body but i don't know what it is. So around 3 months a go i started having this adrenaline rush, tingling cold feeling on whole body and felt like my heart pumping really fast, my head felt like it has a pulse and pressure like its going to explode, i freaked out then went to hospital with my husband to check it up, according to doctor my blood pressure, ECG result is normal, the Dr said probably my nervous system is not balance (which i still dont get it), this feelings comes and goes mostly happens at night, i couldnt sleep till 3/4am. A month later did a full body check up including full blood test, doctor said everythings fine except my triglyceride is a little high so he then advised me to change my diet habit, avoid sugary stuff,  less carbs, more protein fiber and all the good stuff. So i did what my Dr suggested even to the extreme changes, eating healthy food also starts using myfitnesspal as guidance to watch what i eat. Its start getting better time to time till now its happening again.. Although today i have a cheat day eating pasta, rice and some asian dish but is it really caused by this one time food?? Or do i have some allergic reaction?
And recently my stomach has an issue as well its started to feel uncomfortable and it effected/connected to my back(left side) so then got it checked out did ultrasound on kidney area and also did gastrocopy, the result i got a tiny kidney stone the Dr said its too small for surgery, suggested me keep drink water to vanish it slowly. And for my stomach, nothing's wrong Dr said probably high acidity. In the same time, i got infected root canal treatment from last june and did tooth extraction.
I felt like there's a lot going on with my body that i don't really know how to explain and kept going back and forth check up but the result is normal, i feel like the Dr seems to think im exaggerating which actually im not, i hate going to hospital.
Im starting to go crazy, help :((