So. My husband has just admitted that if his ex were to want him back, all she'd have to do is ask and he'd leave me and take her back.

Now. Before you go off on him, understand that the only reason he says that is because she has his daughter and he's not allowed to see her, talk to her, NOTHING. He's tried getting rights to visitation, but because he lives in a different state and they were never married, he has NO rights, and there's nothing he can do. He's talked to tons of lawyers and all have told him he's at her mercy.

So. If she wanted him back, he'd do it just to have his daughter back.

My problem is he literally BEGGED me to be with him. Earlier this Year, I had a stable job, friends, an apartment, a car...I was fine. But since I married him and moved to his state, I have no car, I live with him, I don't work, all my friends have disappeared...I have nothing and no one. I don't have family or ANYTHING. So I'm terrified, knowing that my entire future is dictated by that woman...she has the power to destroy me.

He says I shouldn't worry, since its obvious she's happy with the man she's with now and she's made it clear she doesn't want him back.....but....she's done it before. We've separated before so he could fix things with her. And he swore that was the last time we'd go through that because she finally has put him through enough. He spent MONTHS convincing me to marry him and I had nothing to fear. And now it's like my worst nightmare. Where would I go?? What would I do?? My God. He's all I have. He's the only person I have that I love and care about. He's my home in more ways than one...I'm freaking out. And it hasn't even actually's just that the possibility is there...