Why am I so scarde:/

I worry everyday that my baby has stopped growing I hate it I just wanna get past 14 weeks already...how can I just not think of it to make this go by fast? It scares me so much....I just don't wanna think of that bad stuff ? I lied about having a miscarriage when I was young and dumb (12yrsold) i told my ex i had the baby wgen he was working and he was to small and I hate my self for that I regret it everyday and I said that it was around thanks giving and I have a appt on a day before thanksgiving and I'm soo scarde its really gonna happen I hate my self so bad for that horrible lie but all I do is cry I hate it I just don't wanna loose my baby please help me I'm 11 weeks pregnant I really needed to get that off my chest now please talk to me please.