Tiffany • Had my first on April 9th 2015.
Almost at the halfway mark of this pregnancy. My husband is a loving man and cares deeply for me and this baby. He cooks and cleans and gets me whatever I need. I never take advantage of it. Sometimes I bring him a milkshake from Mcdonalds. Lol the little things. We dont have any marriage issues. Well except me being rejected for sex. We use to be the couple that did it every night all night. Then we got married and it sorta died down to once or twice a week. Not shabby, I didnt complain. Well now that I have been pregnant for almost 5 months it has died down to maybe once a month. I assume he is scared he may hurt the baby but there are other "positions". Anyone else have this issue? It doesn't feel very good. Im not humungous or having any medical issues. Any pointers you can give me? Last time this happened I told him how I felt and he apologized but nothing changed