Feeling down, advice wanted

I am 21 with a stable job making a good income in a stable relationship with a stable home. My fiancé and I have been together for 2 years and we became pregnant in April of 2013 without trying, it was a surprise, we then experienced a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant but didn't show any signs or symptoms, my body continued to grow and no spotting or cramps, until 12 weeks and we found out at my 3 month check up when we thought we were out of the "danger zone". I had a D&C, simply because my body wasn't doing it naturally, and my periods haven't gone back normal, in December of 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS and we have been trying to concieve ever since our miscarriage with no luck, we have tried clomid and period tracking, this is my first month using glow. I guess I'm looking for advice on glow and also if anyone else is in my position. I had always had regular periods up until my D&C and was never told I had PCOS until after my miscarriage and D&C. I've also gained 60 pounds from depression and PCOS. I need help, advice, opinions, anything would be greatly appreciated.