Just needing a little advice and thoughts

Tonight I've been getting a little stressed and confused. My partner and I have been having unprotected sex, and trying to conceive 
​My period is now 24 dayslate and during the week I was supposed to get  it I had cramping and sickness boobs feeling fuller which I thought was normal. The cramps were just bareable. No period came & then after a week the cramps and symptoms had gone - 
​I took 2 pregnancy tests on the same day which was when AF was 11 late and it was a BFN
​Tonight however I'm cramping and feeling sick again. Today I've been emotional and this is the only day I've put a lot of thought in to this and only een getting a little worked up about it. I haven't been stressed at all. I've been exhausted the past few days and just feeling strange. 
​I know this will probably have nothing to do with it. But I keep having dreams the past 32 nights that I've took a test in the dream it was a BFP
​Anyone's comments & thoughts would be appreciated. & unsure were to post this so thanks for being lovely and reading x