Am I wrong ?

Dilek • Mother of one trying to second one married for 5 years, together for 10 years we have ups and downs our marriage but we work it out.
Since last year on May I remove my IUD "Mirena" and since than I been at the doctor almost every month but nothing but since January my period it's normal every month I ovulated every mount and I'm 7 days far to do my pregnancy test for this month "let's hope it's the baby" but long story short yesterday I told my husband that if this month we aren't pregnant you are going to get the sperm test from Walgreens and we are going to test it see if your sperms are okay he got all mad and saying it isn't me its you because u put that IUD in now we can't have a baby because of you I was like hold up a second it's been 11 month since I remove it which mean it's past already I said do you thing every time we sex that I'm going to get pregnant he was like yes I was like no sir 😧 so I start explain him only 1 time a month in 1 day that I'm ovulated he look at my face so stupid than I got mad. so we just stop saying stuff to each other and I went to sleep with my daughter. It's already been so stressful to me top of that he is acting like this 😟😟😟😡😡