Bad midwife visit

Stephanie • My names Stephanie, I`m 25, a wife and mom to two kids, and expecting #3!
I'm freaking out and wondering if anybody can offer me words of advice? I tested positive for gestational diabetes last week. The past 5 days I have been having diarrhea and a very high heart rate. I went in to be monitored and get fluids two days ago. Fast forward to a check up today and I still have diarrhea and a high heart rate. Also last week I was 28 weeks measuring exact and now this week at 29 I'm measuring 32. She's referring me to the diabetic center and trying to get me an emergency appointment today but for now I'm home alone and freaking out.
Has anybody been through this/have any knowledge of what might happen. I'm very nervous that they may induce him if I'm this bad.