Am I pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I had sex on Saturday now we don't use condoms regularly because I'm allergic to latex and it's hard to find latex free ones, but I am on the birth control pill and I take that religiously. On Sunday I was just a little worried after we had unprotected sex and we went out and got plan b. On my pill calendar my last pill was the Saturday we had sex, and then i took plan b Sunday. It's Wednesday now and I haven't gotten my period I've had cramps and the week before I was pmsing. No morning sickness or other signs of pregnancy but still no period yet. What do you think? Any advice? Or tips? Or even ways to enduce my period? Am I just being a tad bit too worried? Does plan b affect your cycle? P.S. He didn't finish inside of me but there may have been some leakage or precum