Struggling with baby getting older

Madison • Evelyn Grace born April 5, 2016
I'm sure it's baby blues or hormones or whatever. But I am so in love with her. So in love. I can't get over it. I'm like. Obsessed. And last night it suddenly hit me that she's a week old and that she's already bigger now than she was when she was born and she will literally never again be this small. Ever. She is officially aging and getting bigger and someday won't be this small and someday won't be a baby and I literally keep sobbing. I keep finding myself crying over it. It really surprised me that I would be so miserably upset about it. Don't get me wrong I'm so excited to have a toddler and a kiddo and a big kiddo and all the life stages. I am. But the fact that she will one day not be this big and won't ever be again... It's killing me on the inside. I just can't stop crying. And I can't find anything online about this. :(