I fall in love more and more everyday

He has stuck by me through thick and thin, supported me when i was unwell and in hospital for mental health problems when my family turned their back on me and made my life hell. I feel like im in a movie, he does everything and goes above and beyond for me. I have panic attacks quite regularly and he rushes home from work to comfort me through it, he tries so hard to find funny videos on youtube just to make me laugh! And gives me so much love and affection. Last year, i couldnt leave the house and now i go out regularly shopping, getting my hair done, and date nights. It feels amazing to be out living life like a normal person should. Well he was off work there for 10 days and it was amazing, not once did i have anxiety, he was there and he makes me feel so secure and content. He returned to work today and i was starting to feel a bit nervous so he came in and hugged me and asked if i was okay, i told him i was alright and i think he had a feeling i was a bit iffy. He started pointing out the window saying "look over here, c'mon see this", i walked over and he made me look through a few fields to a tall grey building. He then said "if youre feeling scared or overwhelmed, just know that theres no need to fear anything, just look out the window and know that im in this building, im only a few minutes away and i will always keep you safe and well baby". So he gave me one of his big bear hugs and kissed my eyebrows (its our little weird thing dont judge😂😂) and said he loved me and done his 'floppy arm' wave as he drove away lmao. LORD KNOWS I LOVE THIS MAN!! He has been sent my way after all my trauma and i am forever grateful. In sickness and in health ❤️🌹