Has anyone had low progesterone and still had a healthy pregnancy??


Hi Ladies!

So...my hubby and I have never prevented baby#2 from happening for 12ish years...these past 2 years, we've become more serious and have charted and watched. Recently I switched docs and had my blood tested. I knew I had pcos, but learned I was anemic with low iron and didn't ovulate in March. So she wanted me to go in April to test after I think I ovulated to see what my blood is doing and if I make progesterone. Well, low and behold my blood is perfect (she thought it would take longer), no longer anemic and my iron level is great...ALSO...I ovulated all by myself!! She says my progesterone is 7.6 and I still could have conceived, to test in a weekish, and let her know....I have had so many random symptoms, but so much heartbreak over the last 5 or so years for over thinking, I'm scared to think too much into it. Anyone relate?? ...sorry so long...