Castor Oil 👀

Maritza • Due May 6th w/ our first prince 💙🔱
I know its a big controversy but dont get why it is so frowned upon, or why some moms are so judgmental of the moms that do decide to do so. Yes baby could possibly poop in sac but that is also something that could happen without taking it especially if you are past your due date. There is no scientific proof that it is the castor oil that causes the baby to poo being as though 1 they dont to risk a child of course &2 most women take after expected due date which is when most babies poo in the sac with or without Castor Oil. Some call it selfish and that the baby will come when ready but yet get pitocin in the hospital that still induces labor. Idk just a though thats been on my mind since reading articles and ppls comments about it. I wouldnt do it but dont think people should throw rude remarks because someone chose to.