Ok so here is my story! In Jan of 2015 we had a week long misscarige at 8 weeks that ended in a D&C then that following May we had another one at 6 weeks that we thought my body took care of naturally but we were wrong and had a D&C that September!! Yes you read that right 4 months after misscarige we had a D&C!! Prior to all this I have never had one problem so it was really confusing and heartbreaking!! So to bring you to today we got our BFP Easter weekend and are due on our daughters 4th Birthday!! We are so excited but paranoid at the same time! Every time I have a tiny pain I run to bathroom to make sure I am not bleeding and I drink tons and tons of water just so I have to pee more to make sure I am not bleeding!! We are trying to be excited but it is so hard anyone feel this way?? We have our first appointment on Monday and we will be 8w1day and just hope for a heartbeat!! Prays for all of us for sticky babies!!