Could I be over thinking this?..


Hello ladies, so I could be over thinking all of this. But, could these be potential signs of being pregnant?? Sorry if some of this is TMI..

This past Sunday I had a super sharp pain in my lower right abdomin and later that day the whole lower abdominal area started to hurt like menstrual pain. That lasted into Monday and has been on and off still feeling it today. I am bloated and have a slight discomfort in my abdomin. Super gassy. I am also usually very irregular when it comes to #2 usually go every 5 days or so, but since this past week I have been going #2 once or twice a day! Not normal for me. My gums are red and irritated and bleeding. And I feel the need to brush my teeth more often because of it, and have a metallic taste in my mouth every once in a while. And today I noticed a bunch of apider veins on top of both my feet and theyre slightly swollen. I thought a lot of this was ovulation related but I should've ovulated already and now I am just confused!