Im high risk and went into preterm labor last week but the drs stopped it

I am 25 weeks. Last week at 24, I was in the hospital for severe pain and spotting. Turns out I was in preterm labor, after almost 8hrs of blood draws, fetal heart tones, machines hooked up to my belly for fetal movement and to monitor my contractions they we're able to stop the preterm labor and send me home. My sons heart rate went over 220, the Dr told me it is bc when I am in pain my baby feels it and is in pain as well, which broke my heart and I cried and cried. The Dr said it happened bc I am carrying so low, that my son was rubbing my cervix causing it to thin, vaginal bleeding, and preterm labor. He gave me tylonal 3 with codeine when the pain is severe (which he promised wouldn't hurt my son but I'm afraid to take it) and I wear a belly belt to keep him raised off my cervix. I'm high risk bc I have a seizure disorder and a heart condition, I am having what is called an "assisted delivery" where the baby is "vacuumed" out, I'm told it's quite common now?? Anyone heard of this?? I do fetal counts daily, check for spotting and preterm labor, as instructed. My due date is Aug 2, but I was told I wouldn't make it that far. If I had him last week they told me he would stay in NICU a few months that he WOULD live but his lungs would be under developed. Has anyone experienced any problems similar or have any advice for me. Thank you all.